Eva Baby Gear: Baby Registry & Nursery Essentials Review

When you become a parent your entire life changes drastically. No longer are things just about you. Instead, your life is now all about taking care of your little son or daughter. Being a parent is a lot of responsibility and at times, it can even get downright overwhelming, especially at first.

The thing is, you can actually make things much, much easier on yourself if you have the right baby gear.

Often you should have it in place before your baby even arrives. Seriously, having the right baby gear can mean the difference between things going smoothly or getting completely out of control. Trust us, we’re parents and we know. We’ve been there and understood how important it is to not get stressed out even in the most stressful of situations. Like, when you need to do household chores, but have a baby to feed.

Essential Baby Gear

Okay, as we said, there is a lot of baby gear on the market from jumpers to rockers, strollers, playpens and more. Each serves a different purpose and most of them are really “must-haves” to put in place before you bring your baby home. Reason being, you don’t know what your baby is going to like and not like, so, if you don’t have them all, then you could be out of luck trying to soothe him or her.

Essentially, you don’t want to run out of options. For that reason, we’ve come up with a list of the most common baby gear “must-haves” to help you prepare. Here they are, in no particular order:

Baby Swing

The baby swing is probably the oldest, most traditional baby gear option that’s available. In this instance, old is not a bad thing because the reason baby swings have been around so long is due to the fact that they’re a tried and true method for soothing and calming babies.

Baby Bouncer (Baby Rocker)

The baby bouncer, also known as a baby rocker, is another “must-have” and it’s very similar to the baby swing in terms of its set-up and functionality because it’s designed to keep your baby calm and happy. However, what makes it different from the swing is that a bouncer, you guessed it, actually gently bounces your child up and down at a slow pace instead of swinging him or her back and forth.

Baby bouncers sit lower on the floor than baby swings do and have a seating area that is angled a bit flatter, providing your baby with a nice place to lay and recline. That seating area still features very plush padding along with a harness to keep your little one in place while he or she is in it. The most basic of baby bouncers rely on the baby itself to provide the bouncing movement, yet, over the years, there have been many advancements made to this basic design, resulting in a lot of baby rocker options to pick from.

Baby Jumper

Baby swings and bouncers are usually the go-to baby gear choice of parents when they’re children are first born, but then when your little one starts to get older, you will switch to baby jumpers. Why is this the case? Well, it’s because your child will start to get more active, mobile, and will want more stimulation, which is exactly what baby jumpers provide.

Unlike baby swings and rockers, baby jumpers aren’t designed to soothe or keep them calm. Nope, they’re designed to get your baby moving and having a good time. One will come equipped with a seat where your child can sit, and eventually stand, and that seat will be supported by some sort of suspension system, which will let your child stand, walk in place, dance, and jump around.

Baby Highchair

One of the final “must-have” items that every new parent should get before their baby arrives is a baby highchair. Sure, you’re not going to need this piece of baby gear right away since you’ll be bottle or breastfeeding your baby, but, you’ll eventually need one to feed your kid when he or she transitions to eating solid food.

As you might have already guessed, a baby highchair is a baby gear selection that provides your child with a place to sit while eating. Unlike regular dining table chairs, high chairs are scaled down to match the small size of a child and usually feature a smaller seat with a back, a harness, large tray table like serving area (that may or may not be removable), and a footrest.


All in all, if you want to be completely prepared when your baby comes home from the hospital, make sure you purchase at least a few of the “must-have” items above. Later you’ll need more tiems, like baby monitor, playmat, humidifier and more, but at least you have to start somewhere. These products definitely make taking care of your new addition much, much easier, especially at first when you’re trying to come up with a routine for you and your little one.

However, before you make any kind of purchase, make sure you do some research on all of the baby gear options. Read reviews, see what other parents have to say, and get as much information as you can to make certain you buy the best possible products for your child. Remember, children are precious and as a parent, you’re going to want to do everything to protect them and keep them in safety and comfort.

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