5 Must-Read Books for Parents

For some, parenting comes naturally. For others, it’s not so easy. But, I think we’d all agree that we need a little help along the way, from time to time. Books can be a parent’s best friend. Filled with facts, symptoms, and stories that simply make us smile, here are 5 books that you must read today!

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting

Peaceful Parent Happy Kids

Written by Dr. Laura Markham, this book is ideal for parents who are struggling with their young children who throw tantrums or who just don’t want to do what they are asked. It focuses on establishing a loving connection and allowing that connection to speak for itself so yelling and nagging can stop. While a book can’t solve all of your problems, it certainly can make a situation better by offering helpful tips, tricks, and suggestions.

What to Expect the First Year

What to Expect the First YearThis book became my Bible after my son was born. I read the authors’ (Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel) first book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and it really helped me. There is just so much to know and remember when raising a child, and I constantly paged through this book so I knew what to expect, or I used it to help me get answers to a question I had before calling the doctor.


Dude, You’re a Dad!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months

You're Gonna Be a DadI wish I would have known about this book by John Pfeiffer prior to my delivery. I really feel like it would have helped my husband prepare for everything from the mood swings, to prepping the nursery, and even basic baby care. Written by a man, geared for a man, this book is ideal for a first-time dad.


Love You Forever

Love You ForeverI heard all my friends gush about this story written by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw, and I  never bothered to pick it up. It was a children’s book and after all, I didn’t have any kids at the time. But, when I received it for a baby shower gift, I have to admit-I couldn’t stop crying! I think it’s a must-read for any mom or dad who has a strong emotional bond with their child (which is all of us!).

Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul: 101 Heartwarming and Humorous Stories about the Joys of Raising Children of All Ages

Chicken Soup for the SoulThe Chicken Soup series, written by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Amy Newmark never disappoint. Filled with stories that make you laugh and even cringe, this is a great read before bed, at the beach, or when you are enjoying a little downtime (aka nap time!).



Being a parent has its challenges but also its joys. Be sure to check out these five helpful (and humorous) books to read as a reference, or to feel connected with the parent community.

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