A Review on the Graco Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing

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Do you have a new child on the way and are you’re considering purchasing the Graco Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing for him or her, yet are still a bit unsure that it’s the exact one that you’re looking for? If so, then don’t go anywhere else and continue reading because this article provides an in-depth review on this baby equipment option, which should help you decide if it’s the swing that you want to get.

The Features and Benefits of the Graco Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing

What actually makes this swing a pretty decent baby gear purchase is how it has a long list of features that result in a lot of benefits for not only your child but yourself as a parent as well.

The features of the swing are as follows:

  • A spacious, plush seat that has three reclining positions.
  • A five-point harness covered in soft fabric.
  • Head supports that can be removed.
  • Multiple swinging speeds.
  • Overhead toy bar with removable toys.
  • Convertible from a full-size swing for home use to a small swing for portable travel use.
  • Compact, foldable frame.
  • 55 lbs with a baby weight range of 5.5 lbs to 25 lbs..
  • Runs on 4 C-Cell batteries.

Then from all of the swing’s features, the benefits that result include:

  • A comfortable, secure place to put an infant to help settle him or her down with its many swinging speeds.
  • Sensory stimulation courtesy of its overhead toy bar, which an infant will look at and later, try to play with.
  • Flexibility since it is convertible, allowing the swing to be easily moved.
  • That it’s also easy to store with its foldable frame.

Parent Opinions on the Graco 2-in-1 Swing

Due to the fact that this swing is primarily used by parents who want to calm their little ones, we thought it would be best to do some investigating as to what they had to say about it. So, after scouring websites, forums, and shared product reviews.

we can up with the following starting with the positives that they had to say about the swing.

  • There were a lot of parents who found the swing to be very convenient given that they could take it with them easily if they needed it outside of the house.
  • One thing that most moms and dads noted was how the headrest that came with the swing allowed them to really get their child comfortable. Plus, they mentioned that the swing also kind of grew with their child since they could remove the head rest when their little tyke didn’t need it anymore and adjust the seat’s reclining position.
  • A majority of parents liked the toy bar and how the toys kept their sons or daughters occupied.

And then, here were the negatives:

  • The majority of parents commented on how the batteries on the swing had to be replaced often, which resulted in an extra expense.
  • Some parents didn’t like how the toys seemed a bit cheaply made.
  • A few parents didn’t think that the swinging speeds didn’t vary enough.

Buying Advice

When buying any type of product, you must be smart about it. Why? It’s due to the fact that if you aren’t, you could very well end up with something that you don’t really want. So,

Here is some buying advice to follow so you end up getting what you want:

  • Be patient. You don’t want to just up and buy something.
  • Do your research. To ensure that the item you want, whether it’s the Graco Portable 2-in-1 Swing, or something else, make certain that you research and investigate it so you find out everything you possibly can about it.
  • Compare the item you want to other similar items that are available. By doing this, you’ll be able to see what other choices are out there and ensure that the main one you’re looking at is the one you want.
  • Always shop around. When you do decide on an item to purchase, shop around at different stores for it. Why? It’s because some stores will offer discounts and deals on items while others mark them up. So, by shopping around, you’ll be able to get what you want at the best price possible.

Now that you’ve read this review about the Graco Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing, you should have a good grasp about whether or not it’s the swing that you want to buy for your child. If it is, the best way to find it at a good price is to simply shop online. Reason being, you can easily do price comparison shopping to get it at a really cheap price. Plus, what you buy is shipped right to you, so, you don’t have to deal with any crowds at a regular retail store.  Okay, so stop reading and start shopping so you can have that new swing in place and ready to go for your new little one as soon as he or she is born.

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