A Simple Nursery: 5 Things You Need (Without the Clutter)

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As a new mom registering for the first time, I thought to myself, “The more I get the better off I’ll be, right?” Wrong. When I received everything under the sun for my baby shower (I registered for 148 things and received everything off of my registry), I actually felt a little overwhelmed and pressured to use it all. Little did I know that in order for your nursery to run smoothly and to be organized, you only need a few key items. Read on to learn about the five things you need for a simple nursery, sans the clutter!

Diaper Genie

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I loved my diaper genie so much I actually ran out and purchased another once with a gift card I received when my son arrived. This way, I was able to keep one up in my nursery and one downstairs for easy (and non-stinky) diaper changes. What’s so great about the genie? Let me tell you that my house never smelled of a messy diaper-ever. It traps all odors inside and is ultra-convenient when disposing of diapers. You don’t have to run in and out all day taking diapers to the trash using plastic bags. Instead, the genie allows you to stock pile diapers in its basin (for days) before cutting the bag, tying it, and pulling down the gigantic bag replacement that fits easily inside it.

Air Purifier

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You are probably thinking, “Why is this necessary?” Let me tell you. First, air purifiers do simply that – clean the air. My son’s room always smelled fresh – never stale. It also helps get rid of dust, germs, and pet dander (we have two dogs). He’s actually never been sick yet and I feel a big part of that is because I constantly have the air purifier running. It also doubles as soothing background noise. I received numerous sleep sound machines and didn’t know what to do with all of them. I didn’t need one at all because my son actually prefers the soothing sound of the machine. It also triples as a fan, blowing cool air out of it, so I angle it toward his crib on warm days.

Memory Foam Insert

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Obviously you need a crib, a mattress, and a mattress pad. I even had to throw in a wedge because my son had terrible acid reflux. Once he started waking up several times each night, I became desperate and tried to wrack my brain with things I could do to make him sleep through the night. I came across a memory foam insert for infants. It was supposed to keep them cool and comfortable in his crib and eliminate tossing and turning. The first night he slept on it, I had zero problems (until he began teething). But, I could tell he totally loved it and he rarely tossed and turned again!

Baby Hangers

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I found that as I started unpacking all the clothes I received (and sheepishly purchased on my own), that I had not one baby hanger. Zero! I ran out to the store and picked up several packs (many are sold in sets of 12) to keep everything neat and organized.

Drawered Night Stand

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I placed a drawered nightstand next to my rocker for several reasons. First, I could access the light quickly if I needed to. Second, I kept all my burp clothes in the drawer for easy access (there were lots of spit up spills on that chair!). Third, I keep a blanket on in the drawer as well and a binky in the same spot on top of the stand to ensure all of his essential nap and bedtime items were in arm’s reach!

While frames, toys, and mobiles are nice, these were the key items that were a savior for me and that helped me get everything organized and remain efficient. Hopefully, you too are on your way to a clutter-free, organized and purposeful nursery.

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