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Welcome! I’m Eva Wilson, a mom to three rambunctious children, currently residing in Milwaukee, WI alongside my husband, two dogs, a cat, and a hamster that my daughter named Olaf. Ya know, Olaf from Frozen, he is a big deal in our house. I’m a 30-something mom with a B.A. in history and education that I decided to forego to stay home and raise my kids.

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When I had my first child in 2013, I struggled to figure out what I needed to get for her! I loved shopping – don’t most women? – but baby items were a whole new world to me. So, in 2015, while pregnant with our second daughter, I decided I wanted to start a blog where I could share tips I learned while being a mother and reviewing products we use on a regular basis.

Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of items. My husband says I change my mind as much as I change my clothes. Based on the amount of laundry I wash every week, that’s a lot. Call it indecisiveness or curiosity, but either way, I LOVE trying new parenting and baby products!

New bottles on the market? I need them! A hot new car seat with all the bells and whistles? I tried it! One more high chair? Sure.

I’m all about items that make my life easier, and I’m positive that you’re the same as me. After we added our third child in 2017, I loved anything that made my life easier.

Part of that was because having three kids is similar to treading water while holding a baby in the air. Everyone told me that three kids were a gamechanger. I ignored their words, but it’s spot-on the truth. I needed every item possible to make sure I maintained every shred of sanity possible.

People tell me that you can have as many kids as you want after number 3, but I’m honestly too afraid to test that theory.

That’s what brought the start of Eva Baby Gear. My goal is to provide you with practical advice that works for me and share with you my truthful opinion on baby products. If it worked for me, I want to tell you about it because it may work for you. If the product was a failure, I want to share my experience with you as well.

Something You Should Know About Eva Baby Gear

EvaBabyGear.com is a customer supported website. All the researches we do as well as picking out related products, testing them, and reviewing are aimed to ease your life. So you don’t need to waste lots of time evaluating the market, we do our best to look for the must-have newest nursing stuff instead of you. You are welcome to check out our reviews and buyers’ guides to choose the product you want.

We spend solid time on testing the goods first before we make up a review. We go through the modern market to find the products for babies that you and your kids would like (as well as ours). Everybody wants to know what he/she pays for and why that’s why we are here to introduce you to a list of great reviews based on real customers’ feedbacks.

We offer nursing gear using trusted platforms like Amazon.com to be sure of the product’s quality and warranty. So when you read a review and click the product’s link, you would be redirected to Amazon’s or other online store’s corresponding page with extra info, where you can buy the goods.

Our site contains affiliate links, so we may earn a commission when you buy something through the links. But there will be NO charge to you when you use these links. We think that’s a good deal to be rewarded for being useful in decision making. That’s how we know we are trusted, and it helps us improve our service in the right way.

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Three kids later, I feel like I’ve dealt with it all. Never-ending labors, a c-section birth, frustrating breastfeeding experiences, lip and tongue ties, buying overpriced yet junky strollers, and struggling with no sleep for months. I’ve walked the trenches right where you are.

My hope is that you find some help on my site. Motherhood is a journey that’s bumpy yet so amazing. It takes a tribe to be successful and not lose your mind. I believe in the motherhood tribe, and I hope you do as well.

So, with that all being said, I’m so glad that you found my website and I hope you stop back often! If you ever had any questions, be sure to drop a comment or email me! I try to answer them as often as I can like when the toddler isn’t nursing and the kids aren’t destroying the house!

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