5 Best Toys for 7-Month-Old Babies [Boys & Girls]

Let your 7-month-old baby start their journey with the LeapFrog Learn Musical Table toy. This item is versatile in features to keep your kid entertained for long. Have fun with all the trinkets, including musical instruments, numbers, and letters.

While your lovely child is 7-months old, they are likely to be very curious about the world around them. During this stage, it is essential to provide your baby with opportunities to explore and learn new things. Having playtime with various baby toys is the best way to achieve that.

5 Toys for 7-Month-Old Girls & Boys Review

We have compiled a list of the five best toys for 7-month-old babies to get them busy all day.

1. LeapFrog Learn Musical Table

This product is great for 7-month-old babies who are starting to explore the world around them. The LeapFrog Musical Table is an activity table that comes with light-up piano, music, and sounds. It also has detachable legs so that it can be used as a floor mat for tummy time.


  • The table is made of plastic which is quite durable.
  • There are music and learning modes included.
  • Use the LeapFrog table to learn numbers and colors.
  • The item comes with removable legs to put it on the floor.

Our Verdict

The LeapFrog Learn Musical Table is truly the best toy for 7-month-old babies. The interactive toy is packed with features that will help your baby learn and have fun at the same time. The table is made of durable plastic and has a music mode that helps your baby learn numbers and colors.

2. Sassy Fishy Fascination Station

The Sassy Fishy Fascination Station is an activity center that improves the child’s development. The fun toy features a spinning ball, sliding colorful beads, and a fish-shaped rattle. The station also has a suction cup that can be attached to the high chair or stroller.


  • The item comes with spinning toys to develop hand-eye coordination.
  • The suction cup of the station can be attached to the floor or table.
  • Each trinket on the when spins individually when the baby bats it.
  • The toy’s handle is friendly to mouthing.

Our Verdict

The Sassy Fishy Fascination Station is a great toy for 7-month-old babies. It helps your baby develop motor skills and is packed with features that will keep your baby entertained. The suction cup attachment makes it easy to keep the toy within reach of your baby. Plus, the price is tempting making this teething toy a perfect gift for a 7-month-old boy or girl.

3. Melissa & Doug Musical Farmyard Cube

This 7-month-old baby toy has six sides with different activities. The cube includes a barnyard theme with a cow that “moos” when the proper key is pressed. There’s also a chicken that clucks and an owl that hoots. When your child presses the toy keys, the sensory toy will play music. Enjoy listening to the farm animals make their noises from this musical toy.


  • The musical cube comes with bright colors to bring attention for long.
  • Touch the animal’s nose to hear the sound.
  • The toy is perfect for developing fine and gross motor skills.
  • The cube also features a plastic baby-safe mirror and a soft fabric handle.

Our Verdict:

The Melissa & Doug Musical Cube is a great toy with a range of materials to explore. It develops the baby’s motor skills while providing visual and auditory stimulation. The price is very reasonable, making it an excellent value for your money.

4. VTech Bright Lights Soccer Ball

The VTech Soccer Ball is a great way to encourage your 7-month-old boy to crawl and chase after something. These brightly-colored baby toys will help your kid learn colors and numbers. There are playful songs and phrases to entertain your baby even more. Each time a button is pressed, your baby will be rewarded with fun sounds.


  • This soccer ball toy comes with two modes of play.
  • Kick or shake the toy to develop the motion sensor.
  • The VTech ball is hand washable that is easy to clean.
  • Press the face button to light it up.

Our Verdict:

The VTech Bright Lights Soccer Ball helps your baby learn colors and numbers. The classic baby toy also helps develop baby’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The soccer ball includes songs, colors, and numbers to play with.

5. MindSprout Stacking Cups Toy

This is the best bath toy for a 7-month-old baby from MindSprout. The stacking toy is designed to help your little one develop their fine motor skills. The soft, flexible stacking cups are easy for small hands to grab and stack. The colors and patterns on the cups help stimulate your baby’s visual development. The colorful unisex design fits both boys and girls.


  • The cup toy is made of soft, flexible material that is easy to grab.
  • There are 10 cups of different sizes and colors.
  • The cups help to learn numbers, colors, and patterns.
  • The MindSprout toy is BPA-free, non-toxic, odorless, and dishwasher-safe.

Our Verdict:

The MindSprout Stacking Cups Toy provides a versatile playground. The soft, odorless cups with smooth edges are solid bath toys to play with. The different textures and colors stimulate your baby’s visual development. The MindSprout cups are friendly to water and sand.

baby playing with toy on floor

How to Choose a Toy for a 7-Month-Old Baby – The Buying Guide

At the age of 7 months old, there are certain features you should look for in the best toys:

  • A classic toy should be made of safe materials that are non-toxic and odorless.
  • Make sure your baby grabs and holds the toy easily.
  • Colorful toys should stimulate your baby’s visual development.
  • Choose toys that are friendly to water and sand.

Toys for 7-Month-Olds – Developmental Milestones

7-month-old babies develop rapidly and you have to be ready. He or she is becoming more aware of the world around him or her. Your baby’s physical, social, and cognitive skills are improving every day. Here are some developmental milestones your 7-month-old may be reaching:

  • Cognitive. Your child is starting to understand simple commands, such as “no” and “come here.” He or she can also follow simple directions, such as “roll the ball.”
  • Physical. Your 7-month-old is getting more coordinated. He or she can sit without support and may even be able to stand up with help.
  • Social. Your baby is becoming more social. He or she may start to babble and make sounds other than crying.

What to Look for in a Toy for 7-Month-Olds?

When choosing a toy for your 7-month-old baby, look for one that is:

  • Safe. Avoid toys with small parts that could be swallowed or inhaled. Also, avoid toys with sharp edges.
  • Developmentally appropriate. Choose an item that helps your child practice the skills he or she is developing, such as sitting up or standing up.
  • Durable. Babies are tough on toys. Choose one that can stand up to some abuse.
  • Easy to clean. You’ll want to be able to clean the toy easily to avoid the spread of germs.

7 month old boy playing with toy

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do 7-Month-Old Babies Like to Play With?

Little babies like to play with fun toys that they can mouth and chew on. Soft balls and plush toys are great choices to choose from. Babies also enjoy playing with objects that make noise, such as rattles.

What Should I Avoid When Choosing a Toy for 7-Month-Olds?

Avoid toys with small parts that could lead to a choking hazard. Also, avoid toys with sharp edges. Choose an item that helps your child practice the skills they are developing. These are fine and gross motor skills as well as sitting up or standing up.

What Should My 7-Month-Old Be Learning?

At 7 months old, your baby is starting to understand the world around them. They are learning how to communicate with you and others. Your baby is also developing their fine and gross motor skills.

How Do I Keep My 7-Month-Old Busy?

The following list of toys will help your 7-month-old girl or boy in their development:

  • Soft Balls. These are great for mouthing and chewing on.
  • Plush Toys. These are also great for mouthing and chewing on.
  • Rattles. These make noise and are fun to play with.
  • Stuffed Animals. These are soft and cuddly, perfect for 7-month-olds.
  • Blocks. These help with the development of fine motor skills.

How Much Should I Spend on Toys per Month?

You can spend from $10 to $100 on entertaining toys for your lovely baby. Some development toys cost more than $1,000. It’s up to you what budget you’re ready to allocate for toys. You can find many great teething toys at garage sales, thrift stores, or even the dollar store. Make sure the goods are safe for your baby and that they are age-appropriate.

How Do I Stimulate My 7-month-old?

You can stimulate your infant by playing, reading, and singing to them. Help kids develop their motor skills by giving them toys that they can grip or shake. You can also give them soft balls to throw and catch. All of these activities will help your 7-month-old baby learn and grow.


Toys for infants help with eye-hand coordination, visual tracking, and fine motor skills. The best toys for 7-month-old babies are those that are safe, age-appropriate, and stimulating. Show your love and care for your baby by presenting such a fun gift. Look for toys that your infant can grip, shake, or throw. These types of toys will help your child learn and grow.

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