7 Best Unicorn Toys for Girls

Don’t know how to surprise your little girl this time? Seems like she’s already gotten everything? Well, there’s one thing that will definitely make your daughter excited… UNICORNS!

Unicorns are absolutely everywhere this season from the catwalk to crèche.

In a global village where it’s increasingly tough to stand out, unicorns remain unique. It’s no surprise at all these mythical beasts are still entrancing girls the world over so what can you do if you’re looking to bring some magic home for your daughters?

Well, you’re in luck as we’ll be highlighting seven best unicorn toys for girls that she’d love to have them all!

1. Flybal Foam Pogo Jumper

If your little girl is entranced with unicorns, why not introduce her to the world of pogo hoppers with her favorite unicorn motif emblazoned on the pink foam?

Kids today naturally gravitate toward spending lots of time in front of screens given half a chance. This pogo hopper is a healthy alternative to tablets and X-Box giving your little girls fun and energetic workout.

Not only will the kids burn off some energy, pogo hoppers also promote hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills so you’re getting a great return on your investment.

This hopper is designed not to mar and scratch surfaces so don’t fear for your hardwood flooring.

As a crowning incentive, if you’re entirely happy with this unicorn-themed pogo hopper, return it during the first month after purchase and you’ll get a no-quibbles refund. What’s not to love?

Key Benefits

  • Encourages your girls to get off the couch and enjoy some healthy activity
  • Highly durable foam and solid metal components built to withstand plenty of punishment
  • Non-scratch hopper safe to use indoors
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2. Little Live Pets My Dancing Unicorn

Despite the name, there’s more to this unicorn than a dance routine. You’ll get a robust and interactive toy at an almost throwaway price so what will your girls love about this virtual pet?

Well, they’ll learn how to feed and groom a pet preparing them for any animals they might own in the future. Why not allow them to get started in a fantasy land with their favorite unicorn?

This little unicorn loves cupcakes and donuts so get your girls to feed their new best friend and watch her horn light up green in response.

The unicorn will also respond to touch and nuzzle up to your daughter just like a real animal would. As an added kicker, you can even get the unicorn dancing.

Key Benefits

  • Teach your girls nurturing and grooming skills
  • A fully interactive unicorn that reacts to touch
  • Your girls can get their unicorn to respond to feeding and petting
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3. Laevo Unicorn Slime Kit

There’s nothing quite like a table full of slime and glitter to give your girls a break from soft toys.

This comprehensive slime kit will appeal to all unicorn lovers out there. The surprise eggs are laden with glitter, butter, cloud, and stardust. Let your daughters bathe in creativity while their hands are full of gooey slime.

You’ll get the glue, activator, and tools you need thrown in so you won’t be hustling down to the hardware store for missing supplies. This slime kit gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t need at an incredibly keen price point. Pop one on your shopping list today!

Key Benefits

  • Everything your girls need for a great slime session in one kit
  • Stardust and glitter decorations among the many unicorn-themed goodies in these delightful toy eggs
  •  Outstanding value for money compared to similar slime kits
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4. Little Live Pets Unicorn Vet Set

If your home is packed with smart devices, maybe you should invest in an interactive unicorn for your daughters.

When your girls start asking for a pet, it’s a great time to introduce them to caring for a virtual pet first. You’ll teach them valuable lessons about feeding and looking after animals while they have fun at the same time.

In nursing mode, show your daughters how to treat the unicorn when she’s sick. As she gets better, her horn illuminates and her facial expression changes.

When full health is restored, the rainbow mode allows your girl to play with her virtual unicorn once her health certificate is issued!

Key Benefits

  • Your girls can flick between play mode and nursing mode for two completely different experiences
  • Highly interactive experience without the drawbacks of screen time
  • Packed with sounds and reactions for immersive playtime
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5. Infantino Unicorn Activity Gym

Have you got a new arrival at home?

If so, this unicorn-themed baby play mat is well worth popping in the nursery. Easily machine-washable and foldable for streamlined transportation, your bundle of joy will be entranced at this bright and stimulating environment.

The textured teether gives your daughter something to gnaw on. It’s free of BPA and all other contaminants for your complete confidence.

With clacker rings and plenty of textured fabric, you can keep your baby contented while filling her growing mind with stimulus and glorious color.

Key Benefits

  • Encourage activity in your newborn while stimulating her senses
  •  Super-simple care with wipe-down and machine-washable mat
  • Handles and folding nature of mat make carrying it a cinch
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6. Where’s the Unicorn Search and Find Book

If your daughters are a little older, there’s no substitute for a Where’s Wally-style search and find a book with a unicorn in place of Wally.

While it’s vital to give your kids plenty of fun, it’s always sound practice to slip in a little education when you’ve got some downtime. If your daughters are tired and looking to relax before bedtime, why not break out this puzzle book and get them hunting unicorns instead of counting sheep?

Whether you prefer a physical book or a Kindle edition, there are plenty of lessons hidden in this fascinating unicorn puzzle book.

Key Benefits

  • Fantastic stimulus to teach your daughter new vocabulary with an entertaining backdrop
  • Suitable for a wide range of ages when it’s time for peace and quiet
  • Available on Kindle if you prefer a more interactive experience
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7. Doctor Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe with Anddyam Unicorn Slippers

Get your girls ready for their next sleepover with some slumberwear emblazoned with their favorite mythical animal.

Kick things off with a plush hooded robe complete with horn. Your daughters have a wide variety of colors to choose from so she can express her individuality.

For some added luxe, treat your girls to some matching unicorn slippers so they can hit their next slumber party in style.

Key Benefits

  • Hooded unicorn bathrobe helps your girl stand out
  • Broad spread of sizes suitable for girls aged 2 to 13
  • Throw in some fluffy unicorn slippers to complete the head-to-toe outfit
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Final Thoughts

So here’s a list of top unicorn toys for girls that will amuse your daughter for hours – for different ages, needs, and interests. We did our best to help you choose the best gift for your daughter with no hesitation as this stuff is already a fave for thousands of little princesses.

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