Chicco Lullaby Baby 3 Stage Portable Play Yard

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Chicco Lullaby Baby 3

Affectionately known as a Pack and Play; the Chicco Portable Play Yard has been a lifesaver for this first time, mom! I used it as a changing table when my son was an infant. He played in it and even napped in it as he grew. Needless to say, it became my go-to device to safely contain him when I had to run downstairs to swap out the laundry or take a restroom break. If you are considering purchasing a portable play yard, here are some pros and cons that I found in the device that I received as a baby shower present from my mother in law.

The Chicco Lullaby Baby 3 Stage Portable Play Yard claims to create a cozy environment for each baby and an easy to access station for parents. You can find this play yard at all major retailers and baby merchandise stores.

Infants are able to be placed in the infant napper when sleeping or if mom or dad needs to go hands-free for a moment. Babies can transition into the raised bassinet for nap and playtime. Finally, toddlers can transition into the roomy play yard once the bassinet is removed.


  • The changing table pops on and off with ease for sturdy diaper changes.
  • It has a handy parent organizer, which held my diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a toy, and hand sanitizer. It was very helpful and spacious, which is essential when changing diapers quickly.
  • It has a removable mattress pad which can be wiped off or washed quickly.
  • It’s portable and can be folded up and placed in a carry bag for trips and travel.
  • It has a sturdy, durable frame and “strong bones.” I never worried about my son being safe when placed in it.
  • Easy to fold up and collapse.
  • Directions were clear, offered pictures, and were simple.


  • It’s large and takes up quite a bit of room. At first, I placed it in my living room for easy access. Then, I moved it into my bedroom. Regardless, it takes up a lot of space.
  • It has a mobile, but it does not turn on its own. It was also not sturdy and looked cheap. I ended up removing it because it only got in the way.
  • It does not have wheels. I had a very difficult time moving it from room to room without taking it apart. It was slightly heavy and clunky to move and it did not fit in one of my door frames due to the angle.
  • The bassinet did not have any kind of strap to hold in the baby. But, it is designed for a bay that is just a few weeks old and is unable to roll or move out of place.
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Overall, the Chicco Lullaby Baby 3 Stage Portable Play Yard is a great item. It has become one of my baby necessities that helps my day go smoother and helped me become an organized mom. It created a safe place to put my infant and baby, and he is still growing with it as a toddler. It is still in excellent condition and it was well worth the cost. While it does have a few cons, the pros outweighed them for me.

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