Choosing the Right Diaper: Cloth vs. Disposable

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One of the most heavily debated questions among parents, besides choosing between bottle or breastfeeding, is whether or not to use cloth or disposable diapers. It seems that every parent on the planet has an opinion on the matter, but when it comes down to it, you really shouldn’t make your choice on what type of diaper to get for your child based on opinions.

Instead, you should make your choice based on the information. And yes, there is actually published information found in magazines, books, and different baby gear websites that focus on the facts when it comes to what kind of diapers you should buy for your child.

Of course, what you do decide will ultimately come down to what you think is right. However, to help you make an educated decision about what diapers to get, here are the features and benefits that we found when doing research about cloth and disposable diapers.

Let’s first focus on disposable diapers. Their features include:

  • They’re made from materials like polyethylene film, polypropylene, and absorbent materials like polymers.
  • They’re not reusable.
  • They come with elastic around the legs and tummy area.

And, their benefits consist of:

  • Disposable diapers are very easy to use given that clean up is easy. You just change your baby, toss the diaper, and go.
  • They have a tight, snug fit that prevents leaks.
  • They’re convenient.

With the cloth diaper variety now covered, let’s shift to cloth diapers, they’re features include:

  • They’re made from soft fabric, which comes in an assortment of eye-catching colors and patterns
  • They’re reusable due to the fact that they can be washed.
  • Some have elastic built in so they fit just like a disposable diaper

And, the benefits of using cloth diapers are:

  • They’re less irritating on your baby’s skin since they are made from soft fabric.
  • Given that they’re reusable, you can save a lot of money in the long run as compared to repeatedly having to buy disposable diapers over and over again.
  • They’re better for the environment since you reuse them and aren’t just throwing them in the trash.

So, now that you have some detailed information about cloth and disposable diapers, you should be able to make an educated decision about which one you feel is right for your baby. And, to find the best deals on either kind, simply shop online. Even if you have to pay shipping, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy off an Internet store rather than going to a traditional one.

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