Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review and Giveaway

Shopping carts are gross – let’s be honest. My husband works in the medical field, so he is hyperconscious of all the germs and bacteria floating around. I’ve always wiped down our shopping carts when I use the seats for my infants, but inevitably, my baby will lean over and try to lick the handle – shudder.

Did I clean it enough? Did I miss the spot that she just tried to lick? What is she gets some horrible disease because I wasn’t able to stop her from licking the shopping cart handle? Stressful is an understatement, and all I want to do is get some bread and yogurt.

Enters the Claro Baby Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

In the past, I haven’t had good luck with the shopping cart covers on the market. Maybe I’m impatient, but I found tying the covers on the cart impractical, especially when you have other kids. I wanted a practical, useful, and durable shopping cart cover that worked for a boy or a girl, and the Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover fit the bill.

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The first thing I noticed was the adorable, gender-neutral print. It is blue with sea-life, like whales, crabs, and fish, so you can use it with future kids.

The Claro Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover fits most shopping carts and restaurants. I found it worked well for Walmart, Aldi, and Kroger shopping carts. We tried it at a local restaurant that uses the classic, wooden high chairs, and it fit perfectly.

Putting the cover on a high chair was surprisingly easy. The straps hook it around the legs of the high chair, securing it in place. Make sure the leg holes line up with the holes on the chair, and that’s it. It really doesn’t get much easier than that if you ask me.

Toy Loops

I checked out the reviews, and many parents noted that they were even able to use this cover on Target carts. I haven’t visited Target recently; ours is over 45 minutes away! However, I’ve tried other covers, and they’re typically too small to fit since Target has bulky, thick shopping carts. Claro Baby covers will fit because they’re extra-large in comparison to other covers.

One of my favorite thing about the Claro Baby Cover is how easy it is to put on the cart! Claro Baby added elastic around the edges and Velcro, so you don’t have to tie and untie the cover from the cart. I can put the cover on the cart one-handed as I hold my baby in the other arm. That’s awesome!

All you have to do to put the Claro Baby Cover on is:

  1. Take the cover out of the attached carrying bag.
  2. Put the cover on the child seat of the shopping cart. Spread the fabric over the handle.
  3. Side the cover of the back area of the seat. Make sure the leg opening areas match up to the cart. At this point, I put my baby into the seat.
  4. Make sure the cover goes over both sides of the shopping cart.
  5. Wrap the safety strap around the back of the shopping cart and through the buttonhole.
  6. Secure baby with the safety straps.

The material is soft and comfortable, perfect for your baby. It’s a durable, stain-resistant, polyester blend that is safe for your baby. Also, if it gets dirty, all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine. Since we are keeping ours in the car, it’s pretty easy to get dirty, so I’m happy that I can toss it in the machine.

Cart Cover

For proper washing, make sure that you remove the straps and sippy cup strap beforehand. Machine wash on cold, gentle cycle. Never use bleach because it can weaken the straps and dull the awesome colors of this shopping cart cover. Don’t tumble dry or iron – not that we iron things anyway, right? Drip dry to prevent shrinkage.

Claro Baby added plenty of thoughtful touches to this cover. A few things that you should know include:

  • A transparent smart device pocket
  • An attached strap for a sippy cup
  • Loops to add your child’s favorite toys
  • Pocket for mom’s items.

Let’s talk about another awesome feature – the carrying bag. Look how cute this is! All you have to do is fold up the cover and slip it in the attached carrying bag. You can’t lose it, which is awesome. You know how easy it is to lose anything when you’re dealing with kids.

Carrying Bag

To get the shopping cart cover into the small bag, all you have to do is remove the cover from the cart. Then, fold the cover into the self-contained bag. Velcro the bag shut and you’re finished!

Are There Downsides?

For the most part, I love this shopping cart cover. It’s adorable, easy to use, affordable, and fits all the shopping carts and high chairs I’ve found so far.

The only negative I see is that there isn’t anything on the back of the cover that keeps it adhered to the seat aside from the strap. However, the strap does do its job, keeping the cover on the cart behind your baby. So, it does do its job, and, since you don’t have to tie it in place, I say the one small downside is worth it since this cover is overall awesome.

Now for the Giveaway

The makers of Claro Baby want to offer the readers of Eva Baby Gear the opportunity to win their own shopping cart and high chair cover. I’m so excited to offer this to my readers!

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All subscribers can participate in the giveaway and a random winner is chosen each month. I can’t wait to see who wins this month!

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