7 Cool Sensory Activities For Babies

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Babies love to explore. Think about it. They are seeing everything for the first time. How exciting! One thing you have probably noticed is that they just can’t put their hands on enough things. Keep them stimulated and engaged by trying some of these cool sensory activities.

1. Sensory Bags

You can do this with your baby when they begin to crawl (and under your strict supervision, of course!). Place gel window clings inside a plastic bag and seals it up. Be sure the objects are colorful and that they vary in shape and size. Your baby will love pushing on the squishy shapes and will even love running their fingers over the plastic bag. You can even fill a bag with jello and glitter! Also, switch it up from time to time and place some hard objects inside like beads or shells. You can even fill the bags up with a little water and place everyday objects inside them that they see outside like blades of grass, flowers, or acorns!

2. Play Flakes

Again, under strict supervision, place some coconut flakes in one bowl and oatmeal in another. Let your baby enjoy running their fingers through each. They can even dump them out and mix them up. Show them how to cup some in their hands and toss it up in the air. They will absolutely love the texture, color, and shape (not to mention sweet smell) of these everyday items.

3. Cotton Ball Bin

Babies will love getting their hands all over the cottony softness! Simply fill an old shoe box full of cotton balls and let them play away.

You can even place a little cup inside to encourage them to scoop up the balls or pour them back out.

4. Rainbow Spaghetti

Prepare a pot of spaghetti as you normally would. Once the spaghetti is drained and cooled thoroughly, take a handful out of the pot and place it in a bowl. Wearing a pair of gloves, apply a little food coloring to it and let it dry. Repeat the process with additional scoops of spaghetti and different food dye colors. Place the spaghetti outdoors on the sidewalk and let your baby dive into the smooth, slippery, texture! Just be sure they aren’t wearing their finest clothes, as the dye can rub off and stain their ensemble.

5. Sensory Balls

You can purchase a set of sensory balls online or at any major retailer. Usually sold in a set of four or six, the balls are designed to stimulate the senses when touched. Your baby will love rolling them, tossing them, and holding them. You can even rub each ball over the back of your baby to create a cool and different sensation that they certainly won’t expect!

6. Paper Squish

Place different kinds of paper in a basket and place it on the floor. Allow your baby to rip it, squish it, pull it, and rub their fingers all over it. It’s a great way for babies to learn about textures and cause/effect relationships.

7. Roller Bin

Place several Velcro hair rollers in a clear bin. Your baby will love feeling the fuzzy texture and picking them up. You can even place an empty paper towel roll in with them and encourage them to place the rollers inside the roll. Demonstrate how your baby can roll the rollers on the floor and even stand them up.

Sensory activities don’t have to be elaborate or even expensive. It’s the simple things that bring your baby the most joy and spark their creativity and curiosity!

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