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When your little one begins eating solid foods, you need to provide him or her with a safe, comfortable place to eat. If you don’t, you could end up having a tough time feeding your son or daughter, or worse yet, your little tyke could get injured because he or she slips out of wherever he or she may be sitting to eat.  To avoid this scenario, you should purchase a baby highchair for your child.

Basically, a baby highchair is one of those baby equipment selections that no mother or father can live without. Now, it’s not necessarily an item that you should buy right away when your son or daughter arrives, however, around the six, eight month mark of your child’s life, you’ll definitely need to get one.

Features and Benefits Associated with Baby Highchairs

Okay, so you may be pondering to yourself, why is a baby highchair such an important piece of baby equipment to own? Well, it’s due to the fact of what was already mentioned. It provides your child with a place to eat his or her meals that’s comfortable, safe, and secure, which is the result of the design that it has combined with its many features and benefits.

The design of a baby highchair is rather straightforward. One will come with a seat where you’ll put your child, a harness to keep him or her secure and in place, and a tray table for eating. Some are designed to sit high off the floor so you can easily reach your child, others sit lower on the floor, and some are made to be set right on top of a chair so your little tyke can feel like part of the family when eating.

Now even though the design of a highchair for babies is rather basic, there are actually many features and benefits that one can have. To begin with, some of the features consist of:

  • Baby highchairs have a seating area, harness, and tray table which may or may not be both adjustable and removable.
  • Most seats come covered with a soft, padded cover that is machine washable. Plus, some seats can also recline and others swivel.
  • Padded inserts.
  • A foot rest.
  • A stand that might or might not be adjustable to different heights.
  • A stand that may or may not be removable, depending upon the model you purchase.
  • Some are collapsible.

Given that a baby high chair has some lovely features, there are some wonderful benefits that are associated with using one. They include:

  • Providing you with a place to feed your little one that is sturdy and safe.
  • Offering you a reliable spot to put your child so that they can work on art, craft, and other projects.
  • A reclining seat and padded inserts let you position your child so he or she is comfortable.
  • If you purchase one that has an adjustable, removable tray along with an adjustable stand, you can continue to use the baby highchair as your child grows so you always have a convenient spot for them to either eat or work on craft projects.
  • By purchasing one with a removable tray and seat padding, clean-up is easy.
  • A collapsible high chair allows you to convenient store it and also transport it if you need to take it outside of the house.

The Most Popular Baby Highchair Brands

With any item that is sold in the market, there are those made by some brands that are popular and well-liked by the masses than others. That’s just how things work in the world of supply and demand.

For that reason, we scoured the Internet to see what brands were the most popular when it came to the ones that manufactured baby highchairs. After doing this research, we came up with a list of the most well-liked baby brands and they were (listed in no particular order):

  • Graco – This is a brand that is known to be trustworthy, long-lasting, and dependable. There are parents and caregivers out there who won’t even consider using baby gear made by any other company. In addition to being dependable, the options produce by Graco have a fun, stylish look that are appealing to young and old alike.
  • Tiny Love – Relatively new to the baby gear scene, the Tiny Love brand is quickly making a name for itself thanks to its lovely look, quality craftsmanship, and reasonable price. Plus, it has an attention grabbing name that makes it difficult to pass up.
  • Fischer Price – Out of all of the baby brands that have ever been in existence, Fischer-Price is the one that has the longest, richest tradition. The company is known for producing items that not only last for decades, but even generation. Also appealing to the eye, it’s a brand that most moms, dads, babysitters, and caregivers swear buy, which is why baby equipment from Fischer-Price is worth paying the extra money for.
  • EvenFlo – This is one of the more affordable baby brands on the market. Similar to Bright Stars, baby gear from EvenFlo is functional and somewhat appealing to the eye, yet by far not the best in each category.
  • Cosco – What makes this baby gear company so unique is that it primarily focuses on producing highchairs and not much else. For that reason, it’s become one of the leaders in creating and building highchairs for little ones. The ones they make are lightweight, but stable and they have a fun, modern look.

The 5 Bestselling Baby Highchairs

In addition to researching what highchair baby brands were the most well-liked, we also decided to figure out which highchairs themselves were the best sellers. Just like the research that we did on the popular baby highchair brands, we quickly learned that some options were more popular than others. The ones that we found to be the top five bestsellers included (pointed out in no specific order):

  • Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System – Note the name of the product. It’s not just a highchair, it’s a seating system and for that reason, it’s pretty much the best of the best when it comes to highchair selections on the market, something that makes it extremely popular. As the name indicates, it’s a 4-in-1 system that has dual child seating with six height positions and three reclining levels. So, it grows as your child grows. Plus, it comes with padded inserts, a removable table, a pad that removes for easy washing, and it looks very appealing to the eye with its neutral color scheme that has floral accents.
  • Cosco Slim Fold Chair – The biggest appeal of this highchair is how doesn’t take up a lot of space courtesy of its compact design, which makes it perfect for parents with a smaller kitchen. It’s also lightweight, sturdy, and it also collapses for easy storage. Its design also features a tray that has three adjustable positions along with a three point harness that can hold a little type up to 50 lbs. And unlike other highchairs, it has a modern, sleek appearance that makes it really appealing to hipster parents.
  • EvenFlo Convertible High Chair – Just like with the Casco Slim Fold Chair, what makes this EvenFlo highchair so appealing is how it’s also slim and compact. So, it can be placed pretty much anywhere. Also easy to store, it’s very versatile due to the fact that it can convert to be set and used right on a table top. The only drawback is that it comes in very, very bright colors.
  • Fischer-Price Space Saver High Chair – If you’re really short on space, then this high chair is perfect for you. It’s even more compact than the other options just mentioned because instead of being supported by a huge stand, it actually just has a small, tiny base that allows you to easily place it on a chair or table top. Other great features consist of three height adjustments, three reclining seat positions, a safety harness, soft pad that can be washed in a washing machine, and different baby themed decorative motifs.
  • Grace SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster – Options is what you get with this highchair. It conveniently converts from a highchair to a booster seat when your little one is ready to eat at the table. Plus, it has a pad that is machine washable, built-in storage, different reclining positions, and a removable table tray that can be placed in a washing machine.

[sc:top5-highchair top5title=”Best Selling Baby Highchairs” top5p1code=”B005XJ2VGE” top5p1name=”Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System” top5p1rating=”94″ top5p2code=”B00DB6B13A” top5p2name=”Evenflo Convertible High Chair” top5p2rating=”88″ top5p3code=”B00AUIZG06″ top5p3name=”Cosco Slim Fold High Chair” top5p3rating=”80″ top5p4code=”B0042D69YM” top5p4name=”Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair” top5p4rating=”90″ top5p5code=”B005IWM8PU” top5p5name=”Fisher-Price Deluxe Booster Seat” top5p5rating=”94″]

Tips on Purchasing a Baby Highchair

To ensure that you purchase a baby highchair that matches the needs of you and your child, here are some tips to follow:

  • Come up with a budget – If you only have a set amount of money that you can spend, then it’s best to determine that amount before you start shopping. Why? You don’t want to be let down when you’re dead set on buying a certain highchair and can’t afford it. Even if you can, it’s still a good idea to set a budget just so you don’t go overboard.
  • Figure out where you’re going to put it – Before you buy a baby high chair, it’s a good idea to figure out where you’re going to put it first. Once you do that, then measure that space so you know exactly how much room you’ll have for it. By doing this, you can avoid getting one that’s too big or too small.
  • Don’t buy anything without doing research – The biggest mistake that people make when purchasing something, whether it be a baby highchair, baby monitor, or any other product, is to just go out and get it without looking into what they’re buying first. In short, do your research, see what options are out there, get information, and compare and contrast them so you can make an informed decision.


When all is said and done, baby highchairs are just one of those baby gear selections that a parent needs to purchase for his or her child. You can’t really get by without one and with all the options that are available, from those that are basic to others are lavish and pricy, it’s quite easy to find just the right one to match both you and your child’s needs. So, there’s no reason not to get one and to be ready for when your child makes the transitions from a bottle to solid foods, make sure to get one sooner rather than later.

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