Five Fool Proof Ways to Baby Proof Your House

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Once your little one is up and running, it can be hard to stop them (and even keep up with them). Accidents happen all the time, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be prevented. In fact, household injuries are one of the top reasons that children who are under the age of three visit the emergency room. Sadly, 70% of children who die from accidents in their home are four or younger. If you have a toddler taking off, read on to learn about some easy, foolproof ways to baby proof your home.

First, before buying any safety gear for your baby, spend time in each room. Get down on your baby’s level. This means crawl around and discovers what is in their line of view. You will be amazed at what you miss when you scan a room standing up. Here are some of the essentials that you need to keep your little one safe:

Outlet Plugs

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One of the first things they go for; outlets are extremely dangerous when left uncovered. Also, don’t assume your child can’t get to an outlet if it is higher up on a wall. The fact is that is you have an outlet anywhere in your home; it should be covered at all times.

Safety Catches

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These helpful and handy little devices keep the kiddos out of cabinets and drawers. Many moms let their little ones play in the kitchen while they are preparing dinner. They always think they have them in their line of sight. But, it only takes a minute for a baby to pinch their fingers, pull out some items, or even crawl inside a lower cabinet!

Power Strip Covers

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To a toddler, they look like a toy. So, covering up any power strips you have around the house is a must! Many are wall mountable, so you can move them higher up, away from curious and creative little hands.

Corner Cushions

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Watching my son walk and crawl near sharp corners makes me cringe – especially when we are visiting a friend or a relative who does not have their home baby proofed. While I did not want to go crazy with the padding, I did make it a point to really get down on the ground in each room and take note of the corners that would be particularly harmful to my son’s eyes and face. While they may not look the most attractive, they can be installed and removed with ease, and they won’t be placed on furniture and molding forever.

Baby Gate

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I have a baby gate installed in every room in my home. It just makes things much easier for me when my son travels with me from room to room as I clean and he plays. I also invested in a large, hexagon shaped gate. This kind of gate is also portable. I have taken it outside, down in my basement and even to my parent’s house over a holiday. I have peace of mind when I take a quick shower knowing that he is in a safe, confined spot where he won’t get hurt or into mischief!

You can never be too careful or too prepared when you are a parent. It is your main responsibility to ensure you keep your baby safe and sound. Accidents occur in the home most often because children aged four and under are home quite often. So, be sure that you have the necessities so you can baby proof your home today.

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