Crayon on the Wall? 8 Ways to Get it Off

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Every single parent has been in your shoes at least once in their parenting journey. Their child finds a pretty crayon and decided that the wall was a better canvas for their artwork than the piece of paper you gave them. Then, you’re left with a few choices. Either enjoy the wall masterpiece or try to figure out how to get crayon off the wall.

While displaying your child’s wallwork might be a cool idea, most parents don’t want to see crayon on the wall. Crayon is particularly tricky to get off textured walls; it sticks in the cracks so well.

Over the years, I’ve experienced this so many times. Red is the hardest to get off, while yellow doesn’t seem to be so difficult. I’ve tried so many options, and I’ve found my favorite ways to get crayon off the walls. Here are my suggestions to try!

8 Ways to Get Crayon Off The Wall

Magic Eraser

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Perhaps the easiest choice is to get a magic eraser from the store. They work reasonably well most of the time, but they are pricey. I keep a box of them in my cabinet because you never know what kids toss your way.

While Magic Erasers do work for crayon, they aren’t great for textured walls, and some brands seem more resistant to crayon than others. Also, it won’t work as well on the brightly colored crayons.

Goo Gone

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If you want to try another product that you can get from the store, Goo Gone is your friend. It worked surprisingly well. All you need to do is put some of the Goo Gone on a paper towel, rag, or scrub brush. Then, rub it onto the crayon. It comes off with minimal effort.

Goo Gone will leave an oily residue on your wall. I used soap and water to remove the residue because it’s quite noticeable.

Baking Soda

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Baking soda is your friend as a parent. It can help to eliminate odors on carpets and couches. I soaked a baking sheet that was disgusting, and it peeled all of the grime off quickly. So, I decided to get baking soda a try for crayons.

All you have to do is damp a rag – make sure it isn’t dripping wet – and dip it into some baking soda. Then, scrub the marks with the baking soda. The crayon should come off with minimal work on your end. This method is one of my favorites!


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Got some WD-40 handy? It’s a godsend when it comes to removing crayon from walls. Just spray the WD-40 on the marks and use a clean rag to wipe clean.

WD-40 rarely damages paint, so you should be good there. However, test a patch in a less visible spot to make sure before you spray it everywhere. Also, WD-40 won’t be the best choice for wallpaper. This remedy works for furniture and appliances as well.


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Ok, this one does seem far fetched. I know! Who thinks about putting mayonnaise on walls? It works great, and it doesn’t require you to put too much elbow grease into the removal process.

Rub mayonnaise on the crayon marks and let it soak for several hours. It needs to work into the cracks and break up the wax. Then, wipe the surface clean with a damp wash rag. You’ll seriously be shocked by the results.


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When you think about it, it makes sense that toothpaste is an excellent remedy to try. It has a grip to it that should get into the cracks and work out the crayon. You need to use non-gel toothpaste for this to work right. Take a scrub brush, squirt the toothpaste onto the wall, then start scrubbing. After, you’ll need to wipe it clean with a wet rag.

Steel Wool Soap Pad

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Removing crayon from wallpaper is a bit trickier than removing crayon from painted walls. You don’t want to damage or remove the wallpaper, and most choices will fade the paper or rip it.

Using a steel wool soap pad is one of the best choices. You need to skim the surface of the wallpaper. Make sure you are only making strokes in ONE direction. Don’t scrub in circles unless you want to remove the wallpaper.


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Since I’m a massive fan of all-natural cleaners rather than chemical cleaners, I always reached for vinegar for cleaning crayon off the wall. I sprayed undiluted white vinegar on the crayon marks and used a toothbrush to scrub it. Then, I used a clean, damp rag to wipe the vinegar away.

TIP: One interesting tip I learned and found useful is to heat the crayon on the wall with a hair dryer before you use one of these methods. Heating with a blow dryer seems to help make the wax wipe off easier, so it’s worth a shot to try.

Methods for Removing Crayon that Didn’t Work

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When I said I tried them all, I wasn’t lying. Here are a few of the ways that didn’t work for me, even if Google said they should.

Wet or Dry Dryer Sheet

I found this one on Pinterest, and I needed to give it a try. It looked too easy to be true, and it was. The instructions said to dip the dryer sheet into the water and scrub the wall with it. It did remove a bit of it, but nothing that made a difference. Plus, have you ever tried to scrub with a wet dryer sheet? That wasn’t worth the effort I put.

Basic H2 Degreaser

I read online that a basic H2 degreaser should work. The stores sell a variety of choices, but I found that, even with the microfiber cloth they recommended, none of the crayons was removed from the wall. Bummer.

Dish Soap and Water

The most obvious and easiest choice to try was dish soap and water because I already had it available to me. Yes, dish soap will remove it from the wall a bit. However, my textured walls proved to be a formidable challenge for dish soap, and it didn’t work.

Glass Cleaner

Another method that failed for me was using a glass cleaner. I used a store-bought glass cleaner that was ammonia-based. I sprayed some of that on the crayon and let it set for a bit. Some of the crayons did come off, but not as much as other choices on the list.

Every parent is going to face crayon on the wall at least one time in their lives, so you need to have an arsenal of removable choices. But first of all, I strongly recommend you to switch into non-toxic crayons to prevent further health issues. What is your favorite way to get crayon off of the wall?

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