iBaby Guard Review

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As a first time mom, I was scared (and still am) about a lot of things. Was I feeding my infant enough formula? Was he too hot or too cold? Is he refusing to eat because his teeth are bothering him, or does he have a sore throat? One of the biggest things I worried about was him sleeping alone in his crib at night. And, justifiably so!

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), about 3,500 babies (under one year of age) die unexpectedly in their sleep each year. This statistic truly startled me and even though my son is now seven months, I still get a little nervous when I look for the best baby monitor and can’t hear him breathing or see him moving. Then, like the cautious parent that I am, I end up going up my wooden steps (which creak and crack loudly) and I wake him up. Big mistake!

After doing some research online, I came across a monitor that could give me instant peace of mind so I stop checking on my son and allow him to sleep soundly. It’s called the iBaby Guard. And, I so wish I would have known about it sooner! Here is some info about this awesome device.

What it is

The iBaby Guard is a mat monitor that is able to feel your baby’s breath while sleeping. If your baby stops breathing for more than 15 seconds, an alarm sounds and you can take action. Originated in Singapore; the device is recommended by parents around the globe, as well as pediatricians.

How it works

Your baby must be placed on its mat in order for it to detect any kind of breathing and movement. Because it’s electronic, it collects data about your baby while it sleeps, as well as other pertinent information such as room temperature and helps parents keep a sleep log, which is useful information to show a doctor if needed.

Parents can get all of this information on their cell phones if you purchase an Infant Snooze. Or, for those who do not have smartphones, the infant smart mat comes complete with a parental unit (similar to a remote) that they can use to access the baby’s sleep data.


  • Eliminates the need to purchase and survey multiple monitors (video monitor, movement monitor, audio monitor)
  • Monitors breath count and patterns
  • Wireless
  • Hospital tested and used
  • Can be monitored from an app on a smartphone
  • Alerts you if a baby has rolled off the monitor
  • Portable
  • Mat is large
  • Parents can get a better night’s sleep
  • Videos available that show you how to use it


  • If the baby rolls off the mat, it will not work and you must reposition your baby onto the mat (possibly in the middle of the night, during a baby’s sound sleep)
  • Expensive (Costs about $200)
  • Runs on batteries (so you need to make sure they are working on a full charge)

I got my baby monitor for free from a friend. It works fine, but after learning about this device, I can safely say that there isn’t a price I wouldn’t pay for keeping my precious bundle of joy safe and sound! It appears that there are many pros that largely outnumber the cons and that there actually may be a device on the market that helps you not become another SIDS statistic!

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