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For newborns, it can sometimes be difficult for them to get comfy enough to sleep well in a crib or bassinet.  Sure, these sleeping options may be soft, plush, and very relaxing, but, for whatever reason, some infants just don’t like sleeping in them in the beginning. For a parent, this can get pretty frustrating and downright nerve racking. The thing is, there is a way to avoid that frustration by providing your child with an alternative place to rest and sleep. What is that alternative you ask? Well, it’s a baby bouncer (aka bouncy seat).

That’s right, a baby bouncer, sometimes called a baby rocker, lets you give your little one a lovely place to sleep if he or she is not a fan of that crib or bassinet that you have. Plus, it also provides you with a convenient, safe and comfy place to put your child if you need to do a quick chore around the house or just need a bit of a break from holding him or her. And, if your baby has mastered the art of holding a bottle, you can even place your child in a baby bouncer during feeding times if you like. Basically, it’s a very versatile baby gear option.

The Features and Benefits of Baby Bouncers

Now, what makes a baby bouncer such a versatile baby gear option is because of its design along with all the features and benefits that one has. Typically, a baby bouncer will have a seating area where you can place your baby. This area will be covered with a plush like fabric and will be on a slant or angle.  To keep your baby from falling, it will also come with an adjustable three-point harness. Most of rockers are designed to just sit a foot or two off the floor and have a sound, sturdy base that can be made from plastic or metal.

Some of the features a baby rocker can have include:

  • An adjustable seat that may or may not recline in different positions depending upon the rocker purchased.
  • Soft fabric covers that are removable
  • Rocks or bounces with a baby’s movement or automatically thanks to an electronic motor run on batteries or a power adapter.
  • Head or neck rests that can also be removed
  • Some vibrate in addition to rocking.
  • Some also play music in addition to bouncing.
  • An overhead toy bar or mobile
  • Collapsible design
  • Fun colors with lovely baby motifs.
  • There are options that have timer.

As for the benefits of using a baby rocker for your baby, well, there are a lot of them. Some were mentioned already, but due to the fact that they’re the biggest selling points of this baby gear option, we’re going to mention them again. So, without further ado, the benefits of baby rockers consist of:

  • Gives your baby a comfortable spot to sleep, rest, and sit other than his or her crib.
  • Provides you with a place to put your baby if you need to do something quick around the house and can’t hold your baby to get that quick something done.
  • Helps your baby learn how to self soothe with its gentle rocking or bouncing motion.
  • Keeps your little one happily occupied thanks to its overhead toy bar or mobile.
  • Helps your baby develop his or her dexterity with its hanging toys, teach him or her to grab.
  • Can be used in place of a crib when you’re not at home if you get one that’s collapsible and portable.
  • Can be used in place of a high chair to feed your baby when he or she is still on a bottle or eating solid foods.
  • Add some cheerfulness to your baby’s room, or any room with that matter, because of its appearance. For example, you can get one adorned with animals, shapes, and bright colors.
  • If you get one with a timer, you can easily monitor how long your little one is laying in it.

The Most Popular Baby Bouncer Brands

As with other products on the market, there are some baby brands that are more popular than others that are currently on the market.

From doing extensive research, the most popular baby rocker brands are (in no specific order):

  • Fischer-Price – When it comes to baby brands, everyone seems to know about this one. The reason is it’s one that’s been around for years and years. People trust it because of its longevity.
  • Graco – Even though Graco hasn’t been in business as long as Fischer-Price, it’s still become one of the most trusted brands among parents.
  • Bright Stars – Is one of the more affordable baby brands on the market that is considered reliable, but not very high end.
  • Tiny Love – This brand is one of the newer ones in relation to baby gear and is becoming a favorite with parents everyone. It offers gear that is both stylish and functional.
  • BabyBjorn – This is one of the high-end, luxury baby gear brands. With gear from BabyBjorn, you basically get the best of the best. However, that best of the best does come with a higher price tag then the rest too.

The Top 5 Bestselling Baby Bouncers

Out of the popular baby rockers that are available, there is actually a trend when it comes to the actual best selling selections that are out there.

Those bestsellers are (again in no specific order):

  • The Fischer-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker – What makes this selection such a top seller is how it grows when your child grows. It nicely fits your little one’s small size when he or she is born then when she gets too big for the infant size, the rocker conveniently converts into a toddler rocker.
  • The Fischer-Price Baby Bouncer – Another from Fischer price, this baby gear selection has a machine wash pad that covers the baby seating area, a three point fabric restraint/harness, a toy bar that is soft and removable, and a vibration motor.
  • The Bright Stars Bouncer – One of the biggest appeals of this bouncer is it’s fun look since it features, as the name suggests, bright colors and an eye-catching appearance. It’s also very comfy thanks to its faux suede cradling seat that also comes with embroidery and a removable head support. It also has a removable toy bar, vibrates, and it even plays music.
  • BabyJorn Bouncer – This is one of the most expensive bouncers on the market, but for good reason. It has an ergonomic design with soft fabric, round forms, and extra support that gives your child an extra cozy feeling, something that it’s found with others on the market. The seat it comes with even conforms to your baby’s body, to offer even more comfort.
  • Tiny Love Princess Bouncer – This bouncer has a unique design compared to the others because instead of having one overhead toy bars, it comes with two along with a mat that is machine washable, a vibrating feature, and plush toys for your child to play with.

[sc:top5-bouncer top5title=”Best Selling Baby Bouncers” top5p1code=”B00DJPGL42″ top5p1name=”Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper” top5p1rating=”92″ top5p2code=”B0073DNYSW” top5p2name=”Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper” top5p2rating=”82″ top5p3code=”B00BQYVNGO” top5p3name=”BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft” top5p3rating=”92″ top5p4code=”B00B7TESWY” top5p4name=”Bright Starts Bouncer, Playful Pals” top5p4rating=”86″ top5p5code=”B00D435ETM” top5p5name=”Graco Little Lounger Rocking Seat Plus Vibrating Lounger” top5p5rating=”82″ ]

How to Pick the Right Baby Bouncer

In order to select the right baby bouncer for your little one, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Do some research before you buy anything – Not only does this involve seeing what baby rocker options are online, but this also means trying to figure out what your little one’s sleeping habits might be. Like, check with your parents and see how you slept to determine what style bouncer might be best for your child. For example, if you liked bouncing and a subtle vibration when you slept, then your child will probably like the same.
  • Read reviews online – To see what baby bouncers received top billing, check out reviews online to see which ones are the best and which ones might not be that great. Basically, you want to make sure that what you’re planning on works well and is safe.
  • Finally, don’t be impulsive – When you’re buying a baby bouncer, don’t just buy one to buy one. Instead, be thoughtful and thorough with what you’re doing. Only make a decision after you’ve explored everything, including information and the options that are available so your decision is an informed one.


In the end, baby bouncers are a baby gear option that is extremely versatile. Not only do they provide your new addition with a comfortable place to sleep and relax, but they provide you with a convenient place to put your baby for feeding and even provide them with a fun place to play. So, if you have a little one on the way, make sure you get this item before your son or daughter arrives. You’ll be glad you did when your little one is snoozing away all nice and content while you’re fixing dinner or better yet, relaxing and taking a nap at the same time.

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