Samsung SEW-3037W Video Baby Monitor Review

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The Samsung SEW-3037W Video Baby Monitor is one of the better baby monitors on the market. It allows you to constantly see what your baby might be up to even when you’re not in the room. Made by Samsung, a trusted, well-known, electronic brand, it’s a top quality option and to help you decide if it’s the one for you, here’s an in-depth review on this selection.

Features of the Samsung SEW-3037W

The multiple features that this Samsung baby monitor has is what makes it such a top quality buy. Those features are comprised of:

  • SafeView camera is small, compact, and easy to install.
  • SafeView camera comes with pan, tilt, and PTZ zoom options. Pan goes 300 degrees left and right, the tilt goes 100 degrees up or down, and the PTZ zooms in and sew 3037w baby monitor camera 300x300
  • 15 foot night vision capability using infrared LED lights.
  • Remote activated night light.
  • Straightforward controls allow anyone to use it.
  • Monitor has a 3.5″ color LCD display that has VGA 640×489 VGA resolution.
  • A 2.4GHz FHSS signal that is secure and interference free, which can be transmitted up to 900 feet because it is pure digital.
  • Two-way communication thanks to talk audio/built-in mike and speaker.
  • Monitoring LEDs show five total levels of sound.
  • Quite mode to remove background noise.
  • SafeView camera runs on A/C power while LCD monitor uses rechargeable batteries.
  • Warning sounds when batteries are running low.
  • Comes with a flip stand and belt clip.
  • Can be expanded up to four cameras and you can scroll through all the views using pre-set intervals.

As you can see, there are a plethora of features with this Samsung monitor, allowing you to effortlessly keep track of your baby.

The Pros and Cons of the Samsung SEW-3037W

However, as with any product, there can be a few downsides to them. So, to help give you even more information, here are some pros and cons associated with the Samsung SEW-3037W baby monitor, starting with the pros:

  • Allows you to see your baby when he or she is sleeping without having to constantly go in his or her room during nap time and also at night with its night vision camera.
  • The pan, tilt, and zoom features let you really see what’s going on with your child. You can even check his or her breathing and where he or she might be sleeping in his or her crib.
  • Lets you monitor your child when he or she gets older and does other activities such as playing in a play pen or standing in a jumperoo when you have to leave the room for a bit.
  • If you purchase additional cameras, you can set up a complete in-home monitoring system to see what’s going on in other rooms. This is perfect if you have more than one child.
  • Pretty easy to install.

With the pros covered, next we’ll focus on the cons and what’s nice about this product is that there aren’t that many:

  • The monitoring system is a little pricey, especially if you get additional cameras to set up a complete in-home system.
  • When recharging batteries, you can’t monitor your child. So, you have to plan ahead for the downtime.
  • The monitor, like other monitors, is somewhat fragile and therefore, you need to be careful when using it.

What Parents Have to Say about the Samsung SEW-3037W

If you’re still not sold on this perhaps the best baby monitor by Samsung, then listen to what other parents have to say about it. There are actually a lot of positive reviews about that we discovered and here is a summary of what parents had to say:

  • Most parents liked the picture quality of the monitor and thought that the night vision option was helpful, but noted that the clarity of the night vision mode wasn’t amazing like in the movies.
  • The ease of use was mentioned quite a bit by parents, especially the panning and zooming features that allowed them to get a super close up look of their child.
  • Some weren’t quite happy with the overall quality of the camera despite the price tag. There were people who had to return their Samsung baby monitors to get a new one under their warranty since it broke.
  • A lot of parents liked how they were able to sync up multiple cameras throughout their homes.

Tips for Buying a Baby Monitor

If you’re planning to buy a baby monitor, here are some tips to follow to get the right one to match your needs:

  • See what baby monitors are available, check out all their options, compare and contrast them all.
  • Pick which monitors look like the best available and then research those further. You can do this online by reading product descriptions, news websites, and baby gear websites like Baby Monitor 101.
  • Get other parents’ opinions on which ones are the best.
  • Don’t base your decision on how much a baby monitor costs. Sometimes, the best ones are less in price.

Not only can you use these buying tips for getting a Samsung SEW-3037W baby monitor, but you can use them when purchasing other video baby monitors and products as well.

All in all, the Samsung SEW-3037W is just a quality buy if you want a convenient way to monitor your sleeping baby at night. Plus, you could even set up a whole multi-room monitoring system if you like thanks to its ability to easily be expanded. For that reason, and it’s an affordable price, it just doesn’t get much better than this monitor selection. So do not waste any time and get yours sooner rather than later.

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