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First Birthday Gift Ideas Toddlers Will Love

Picking a first birthday gift can be fun but challenging! By a year old, babies love their toys and games. You have a lot of options! You can pick a toy that your child can enjoy now, or you can pick a toy that he will be able to enjoy in a few months. Toddlers advance so quickly.If you decide ...

Tips for Traveling With a Baby

To journey or wander on vacation evokes such feelings of freedom. For years, we’ve roamed the country visiting friends in new cities, taking in the sights and sounds of a new culture during a European adventure, or relaxing on a sandy, white, Caribbean beach while soaking up the sun’s rays.Now, ...

Celebrating Christmas With a Baby

Christmas Day has arrived and some things started to become more complicated when you have a baby in the house around Christmas time. So, it's hard to celebrate it less stressful. Check out this funny video about parents, who have learned the hard way, but they didn't give up.Eva Baby Gear team ...

Dad’s New Look

When father shaved his beard it looks like, that he is a stranger. His little daughter doesn't recognize him without the beard and has a funny reaction on dad's new look. Check out this awesome video of how daughter reacts when her father completely shaved his beard off. ...

6 Ways to Develop Fine Motor Skills

It’s important for parents to help their little ones develop fine motor skills in their hands and wrists in order to build up their muscles. Very often an afterthought when it comes to baby development; parents wonder why their little learner is struggling with holding a pencil, using scissors, or ...

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