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How to Discipline Your Toddler

Mom of two toddlers here! I love my little 2 and 3 years old boys. I have no problem playing with them, teaching them and loving them. However, I have a tough time disciplining them. I want to discipline my children in a productive manner that can encourage them to do better next time, but doesn’t ...

First Baby Bathing: 8 Tips for Parents

Bathing a newborn is quite overwhelming at first. Newborns can’t smile (so you have no idea if they like it or not), they can’t hold any part of their body up, and they don’t have any natural instincts to close their eyes to make sure that water doesn’t get in there. I would first like to point out ...

Baby Sign-End Tantrums and Allow Expression

Did you know that the average baby knows what they want to say around 7 months old, but isn’t developmentally ready or able to do so? That’s why parents around the world have turned to baby sign. They notice that their babies are no longer throwing tantrums and are less demanding because they are ...

5 Must-Read Books for Parents

For some, parenting comes naturally. For others, it’s not so easy. But, I think we’d all agree that we need a little help along the way, from time to time. Books can be a parent’s best friend. Filled with facts, symptoms, and stories that simply make us smile, here are 5 books that you must read ...

Tips for Traveling With a Baby

To journey or wander on vacation evokes such feelings of freedom. For years, we’ve roamed the country visiting friends in new cities, taking in the sights and sounds of a new culture during a European adventure, or relaxing on a sandy, white, Caribbean beach while soaking up the sun’s rays.Now, ...

How to Stop Being an Absent Parent

Our kids know when we’re not checked in with them. When we’ve got one eye on the news or one ear on the conversation in the other room when our thoughts are a million miles away or worse when we have one hand on the smartphone. Technology is seductive. We like it. We like the connection that it ...

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